In what cases is the installation of grilles, roller shutters and air conditioners prohibited from 2022?

Installing bars on windows is an undoubted contribution to the safety of the room. But when taking care of the safety of property, we must not forget about fire safety. After all, by installing security bars on windows contrary to existing rules, you expose everyone inside to potential danger. Therefore, it is worth understanding the existing norms and laws and following them.

Types of gratings

First you need to understand what types of metal gratings there are:

  1. Deaf . The most reliable way to protect your home from burglary is to install bars using metal anchors directly to the wall. But such structures are non-removable and cannot serve as emergency exits in the event of a fire.
  2. Sliding . These are structures that are rigidly fixed to the wall on only one side. When open, the window remains closed to the middle, so this hinge mechanism is not widely used.
  3. Removable . Another type of inconvenient, and therefore not very common design. The grille frame is tightly screwed to the wall and cannot be removed without special tools. But intruders who have the necessary equipment can easily enter the premises.
  4. Swing . The doors of the structure are attached to the frame, which in turn is attached to the wall with anchors. Firefighters' requirements for grilles on windows of this type are quite flexible, since the hinged structure can be easily opened if necessary. At the same time, not every burglar can crack it.

Prescription of existing legislation

Guided by the new Fire Regulations of the Russian Federation, we can say that there are no restrictions or prohibitions on the installation of window grilles. And the previously existing rule prohibiting the installation of non-opening, namely blind structures, has been abolished. All for the same reason that the window is only an emergency exit, but not an evacuation exit.

At the same time, there is a non-normative act, or rather “Decision of the Expert Council of the State Fire Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia”, which provides recommendations on whether it is possible to install bars on windows and how best to do this. According to the document, when installing safety bars on windows located in the foyer and at the ends of the corridor, it is recommended to choose swing structures. According to the decision, this recommendation applies to at least one of all windows in the room.

But there are situations when fire safety requirements prohibit bars on windows in principle.

Your home is not a prison

Thus, the Moskovsky District Court of St. Petersburg ordered Viktor Smirnov, a resident of a modest high-rise building in a residential area, to remove the bars from one window. Initially, the Criminal Code sent the resident an order to provide permits for the grill or dismantle it within five days. Smirnov did not react in any way, and he was sued. Now he is obliged not only to remove the bars, but also to pay a state fee - six thousand rubles.

Some are not waiting for the court's decision. For example, Denis Nikolaev and Kamila Tursunova, having received an order, themselves removed two decorative bars from the windows of their apartment. And on time: the administration of the Moskovsky district had already filed a lawsuit, but after receiving confirmation that the residents had done everything, they abandoned the lawsuit.

Management companies have their own truth: “Our housing services receive complaints about bars on the windows. We are obliged to respond to them, we ask the residents on what basis they installed the grille. If there are no documents confirming that the grating has been approved, then we will go to court,” Viktor Dremailov, chief engineer of Housing Services No. 2 of the Moskovsky District, told RG.

The specialist adds: if a person has supporting documents, then no one will force him to dismantle anything. True, the problem is that obtaining this approval is quite difficult. But practically it is impossible.

“Our housing services receive complaints about bars on the windows. We are obliged to respond to them"

RG reported the current situation to the ONF. “Activists of the All-Russian Popular Front in St. Petersburg sent an appeal to the city authorities with a proposal to introduce a moratorium on issuing orders to residents to dismantle the glazing of balconies and loggias, and also to simplify the procedure for obtaining approvals for the installation of window structures. Lattices can also be classified as these structures. At the same time, people should remember that if there is a grill, be it on a window or balcony, they should not forget about fire safety,” Andrei Ryabokon, head of the All-Russian Popular Front for St. Petersburg, told RG.

Townspeople also admit: “Everyone knows that bars on the windows of the first floor are the safety of a home and its residents,” says Tatyana Bilyk, a resident of a high-rise building on Kuznetsovskaya Street.

Recently she received a notice about the dismantling of the structure. But she is afraid to tear down the bars...


“Installation of metal window bars relates to facade work, is a redevelopment and must be agreed upon with the local government,” says Maria Spiridonova, a member of the Russian Lawyers Association. “In order to obtain permission to install window bars, it is necessary to develop a project, approve it with the authorized body and submit a corresponding application with documents attached to the Housing Inspectorate.” If this has not been done, then the authorities may require the bars to be removed. But only by court decision. According to the expert, the coordination of work in houses that are architectural monuments or historically significant objects has its own peculiarities, and the project may be subject to changes in order to match the grilles to the style of the building. “When placing protective devices, it is prohibited to change architectural details and decorative elements of the facade. Moreover, in a number of regions, the external placement of protective grilles on front facades is generally prohibited.”

Installation of grilles depending on the type of room

First, you need to note the list of buildings in which it is strictly prohibited :

  • facilities of energy enterprises that are recognized as operating;
  • enterprises that are associated with the structure of healthcare (medical and sanatorium-preventive, pharmacies, research institutes);
  • comprehensive schools, colleges, boarding schools, kindergartens, preschool organizations, orphanages, various sections.

In other cases, the owner himself decides whether to install grilles or not. This issue is especially acute for owners of apartments on the lower floors of an apartment building. After all, when installing grilles on windows, the owner’s requirements regarding the aesthetics of the facade may turn out to be very high. A separate category includes buildings of historical significance. The installation of any structures that violate the original appearance of the facade is strictly controlled by the relevant authorities, who will not allow them to easily “spoil” the heritage.

If we talk about the desires of a businessman to secure his retail space, then several nuances await him here related to the location of the building. In some cases, installing bars on windows does not require permission, for example, if they overlook the courtyard. But if a store, boutique or studio is open on the lower floors of a historical building, KGIOP may not issue permission to change the design.

Protective film

Unfortunately, glass is a very fragile material, and a good attacker can break it with a small rock. To prevent this from happening, a protective film was invented. It’s hard to believe, but the seemingly thin material can withstand even a shot from a traumatic pistol.

The protective film itself is transparent, so it still won’t protect you from prying eyes - combine it with Roman blinds in light shades.

Windows on the first floors are often a bait for burglars. Apartments on the first floors always have a lower market value due to the threat of intrusion. How long can it take to crack an ordinary plastic or wooden window, and what methods of protecting windows are the most effective in the material of the WINDOWS MEDIA portal.

Permission to install gratings

If fire safety is observed when installing grilles on windows, then the need to obtain permission from the relevant authorities has not been canceled. Please note that this procedure must be carried out even when removing the outdoor air conditioner unit or glazing the loggia. But in practice, only a few do this .

Obtaining permission to install bars on windows is not difficult and will not take much time. Enough:

  • develop or order a project for installing gratings;
  • coordinate the changes made with the Architectural and Planning Department;
  • submit an application to the Housing Inspectorate.

There is no need to provide information about the installation of gratings to firefighters or the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Are there any exceptions

Every rule has its exceptions, even when it comes to fire safety. Another thing is that nothing specific is said about this, except for “cases specifically provided for in the regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation.”

In general, these exceptions are unlikely to apply to solid grilles. And of course, this is not a reason to be upset, because if you don’t already have solid bars, you can find a more modern, safer and legal alternative, such as anti-burglary fittings or an alarm system.

Things will be much worse for those who have already installed solid bars, since they will have to stand on the windows until the first inspection. At the same time, if you weigh the pros and cons, then safety comes first, and the owners themselves will be much calmer knowing that in the event of a fire they will be able to get out through the window.

Preventive work to comply with fire safety measures

If it is necessary to install protection in the form of window bars, you still need to listen to the recommendations of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and provide at least one swing window. This will not affect the level of external safety, but will significantly increase the chances of saving people inside the building. Of course, this applies to the windows on the first floor. Windows located above can no longer be considered an emergency exit in accordance with SNiP 21-01-97, clause 6.20. This means that any other options for protective structures can be installed.

However, residents of all floors , as well as employees, owners and visitors of shopping areas where bars are installed in window openings, are required to follow safety rules in the event of a fire. During installation, it is necessary to provide for simple opening of the structure from the inside. It’s good if this does not require special tools or a key. Otherwise, it should be stored in close proximity to the window, in a visible place.

Drill evacuations should be conducted periodically. If there is a small child in the family, it is necessary to teach him how to open the structure independently, so that in case of an emergency he can use the emergency exit on his own. Naturally, all this should be done under adult supervision.

If the window design does not require easy-to-open locks, they can be purchased and installed. Such devices should be inspected monthly for rust and performance.

PVC windows

Nowadays plastic windows are in great demand. They fit organically into the room, are soundproof and retain heat.

Question: What can you say about their fire safety? Are they dangerous when burning?

Fireproof light transmitting structures (windows)

According to the research carried out, the following properties of windows with PVC profiles were established:

  • Compared to wooden frames, they are quite difficult to catch fire. If there is no source of open flame, the combustion process will not be supported.
  • Less heat generated than other materials. This property will prevent the spread of fire in case of fire.
  • Plastic contains chlorine, which serves as a good insulator.
  • Substances released during PVC combustion are easily detected by their specific pungent odor.

A situation that requires a special approach is the use of plastic panels in emergency exits, for example, when decorating doorways or partitions. Here it is necessary to carry out additional analysis and control depending on the building, the number of people and the availability of exits. Such issues are resolved at the design stage together with the fire inspector.

PVC windows and their fire safety largely depend on how and with what substance the frame structures are filled. Their fire resistance in a fire depends more on this than on the plastic profile itself. It is important to pay attention to the type of glass: colored, reinforced, plain, darkened. Reinforced glass is considered more fire-resistant, since the mesh applied to it contributes to a more uniform temperature distribution. The frame itself may include cladding made of aluminum, sheet material or products like lining.

Regarding external protection, double-glazed windows with grilles already built inside are now being produced. They have a special lock that you can only open from inside the house.

Regulatory Requirements

Requirements for structures are regulated by documents GOST 23118-2012, as well as GOST R 51242-98. These documents contain the following provisions :

  • products must withstand atmospheric and mechanical influences;

  • should not be afraid of temperature changes, humidity, wind, breaking, shock;
  • must be protected from corrosion by a special coating at the factory;
  • partitions must be manufactured by welding at the factory using special technology.

According to the documents, the gratings must be made of materials that fully comply with GOST requirements.

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