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MACO ACCESSORIES - reliability and stability

Officially, the company that produces MACO window fittings is called Mayer & Co Beschläge GmbH. Today it is one of the leading manufacturers of window and door fittings. Founded in 1947 by Mr. Lorenz Mayer in the Austrian city of Altenmarkt, in 1952 the production moved to Salzburg. Currently, the company has 4 factories where MAKO fittings are produced - three in Austria - the cities of Salzburg, Trieben and Mountendorf, and in our Kaluga. The plant was opened in Kaluga on May 27, 2010. The production capacity is designed to cover 100% of the needs of the Russian market for the MACO product. Today, a company in Russia assembles rotary and tilt-and-turn fittings.

Types of mechanisms for plastic double-glazed windows

Window fittings are a set of elements that set the sash in motion and fix it in the required position. Most often made of metal.

According to their intended purpose, there are the following fittings for PVC systems:

  • locks;
  • blockers;
  • pens;
  • loops;
  • seals;
  • folding scissors.

These parts are combined into a single system for opening and closing double-glazed windows.

Depending on the principle of operation, the mechanisms are of the following types:

  • Swivel and tilt. The position of the sash is adjusted by turning the handle. In the first mode, the glass unit opens to the side, in the second, it tilts back. Tilt-and-turn mechanisms are used in ventilation systems.
  • Rotating with vertical suspension. One of the most popular varieties. Includes clamp, handle and hinges. The sash opens relative to the vertical axis
  • Medium suspended with horizontal suspension. Provide opening 180 degrees around the axis. Fix the glass unit in any desired position without the risk of deformation and sagging. Suitable for structures of unusual shape (round, oval).
  • Sliding. They are used mainly for glazing balconies and loggias.

HRS or PSK fittings (names vary from manufacturer to manufacturer) are used for large glazed terraces. She tilts and moves the large sash to the side. Allows for more efficient use of space in the room.

According to the manufacturer, fittings for plastic windows are classified into domestic and imported. It is believed that the best window fittings are produced by foreign companies. But it costs more. German fittings for plastic windows are especially highly valued.


  • Oleg, 45 years old: “Several years ago I decided to install plastic windows at my dacha. I spent a very long time carefully choosing fittings for windows, as I understood that the service life of the window structure would depend on the quality of the purchased fittings. A friend of mine suggested that I buy Maso products. At home I looked through the Internet and learned a lot about this manufacturer. I decided to buy them and was right. These products have a lot of advantages, among which I noticed ease of installation, attractive appearance, high reliability and resistance to weather conditions.”
  • Andrey, 34 years old: “I have long heard about the high quality of Maso fittings. I first tried it when I was installing the entrance doors to my apartment. I was very pleased. More than 7 years have passed since then, everything still works and looks great. When I was installing plastic windows on the balcony, I immediately remembered Maso. I purchased all the necessary products there. All regulatory work was carried out with his own hands. I didn’t have any difficulties, everything was simple, quick and clear. I would like to note the wide range of these products. Thus, anyone will be able to find their own version of fittings that will perfectly cope with the assigned tasks and at the same time have an attractive appearance.”
  • Maxim, 38 years old: “I used Maso fittings when I installed PVC windows in my country house. This was 12 years ago. Of course, I was pleasantly surprised, but all the products still serve me to this day. They have not deteriorated at all, they are in excellent condition both externally and internally. The adjustment was carried out with my own hands, although my brother helped, since the house was large, and it would have been difficult for one person. The cost of the products is also normal. (by clicking on the link you can learn more about the cost of a seal for plastic windows) Of course, many may think that it is overpriced, but the quality is also at a high level. I believe that it’s better to spend a decent amount once, so that later for a long time you won’t even think about new fittings, which is basically what I’m doing now. I’m also going to test Maso fittings at my dacha. Now I have found a manufacturer of fittings for PVC windows, which can rightfully be considered the best among those available.”

You may also be interested in information about what types of guides are available for glass sliding doors.

Maso fittings are universal products that can be used for installation on PVC windows. The process of adjusting these products is quite simple, so even those people who do not have the proper experience can cope with such work. All products are distinguished by high quality, attractive appearance, and long service life.

What mechanisms to choose for plastic double-glazed windows

There are many manufacturers of window systems and components for them. Sellers offer a wide selection of products of different types and brands. At the same time, not all implementers are honest, competent and recommend a really good option. Therefore, you need to know which window fittings are best.

The best fittings for plastic windows are produced by the following companies:

  • Maco;
  • Roto;
  • Siegenia-Aubi;
  • Schuko;

The products of the first two companies are in greatest demand. But it doesn't come cheap. Budget mechanisms for plastic windows are produced by domestic and Chinese companies. They are affordable, but are characterized by low quality and short service life.

Maco fittings: reviews, features, advantages, in which windows it is used

Maco fittings with micro-ventilation are one of the most important components of a plastic window. Despite the fact that window fittings, which are intended for wooden and plastic windows, are in most cases the same, in the second case it will be more complex and technologically advanced. Maco fittings, in addition to fastening to the adjacent element, are attached to the profile itself, as well as to the reinforced belt of the profile. That is why it is very important to choose the fittings correctly - not only will the performance of the profile depend on it, but also its service life.

Mako mechanisms for plastic double-glazed windows

Mako is an Austrian manufacturer of window fittings. Included in the rating of the best companies. On the market since 1947. There is a plant in Russia. It produces Mako fittings for plastic windows at an affordable price of high quality. The company is constantly developing, improving production technology in order to improve the quality of manufactured mechanisms. It produces handles (regular and with a button, key), opening blockers, tilt-and-turn mechanisms for PVC systems. Mako also produces fasteners.

Mako fittings for plastic windows have the following advantages:

  • increased degree of protection against burglary;
  • durability (lasts 15 years or more);
  • high quality;
  • maximum protection from drafts;
  • corrosion resistance;
  • aesthetics;
  • resistance to mechanical damage.

Mako fittings for plastic windows are most often chosen for installation in offices. They also buy it to equip window units on the first floors of residential buildings.

Fittings Mako or Ziegenia, which is better. Window fittings Siegenia-Aubi

The Siegenia company appeared in Germany in 1904. The products have been renowned for their quality for many decades. It has become more diverse after merging with Aubi. The merger diversified the product range, increasing production scale. As a result, fittings for plastic windows from Siegenia have now gained recognition all over the world.

Specific Features

The brand's products are suitable for use in windows of various configurations: round, arched, triangular, trapezoidal, standard rectangular. The mechanisms adapt to the shape of the opening without losing strength. The protective elements can withstand a load of up to one and a half tons.

The design is equipped with 7 clamping points. This ensures complete connection of the sash to the frame. Resistance to aggressive environmental conditions is confirmed by tests: products can withstand up to a thousand hours in water-salt fog - only then can they begin to rust.

Pros of Siegenia-Aubi

The main advantage of this brand is that the products are manufactured exclusively in Europe. The company does not move factories to other countries. This makes it easier to identify counterfeits: if the accompanying documentation states that a handle or hardware set was made in China or Turkey, this is a fake.

Roto mechanisms for plastic double-glazed windows

The ranking of the best foreign manufacturers of window mechanisms includes Roto. This is a German company. It uses new technologies and constantly improves the production process. Recently a new type of product was released - the sash stopper. It provides smooth opening up to 90 degrees. The limiter protects the sash and fastening elements from mechanical damage during sudden closing. Roto products are characterized by soft opening.

Advantages of parts of this brand:

  • energy efficiency;
  • safety;
  • good design;
  • reliability;
  • durability;
  • no play at the handle;
  • excellent quality;
  • ease of installation;
  • comfortable and easy to use;
  • wide choice of colors;
  • resistance to adverse external factors.

There is a factory in Russia that produces Roto brand products.

Mako or Winkhouse fittings. Winkhaus window fittings

The Winkhaus company has a long history; it was founded in 1854 in Germany. Today, Winkhaus has subsidiaries in eight countries, including Ukraine.

ActivPilot and ProPilot from Winkhaus are popular offers from the company. Let's consider the features of these types of window fittings, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Winkhaus ActivPilot

Modern tilt-and-turn fittings for windows. Window fittings provide excellent closure due to the fact that the locking pins are shaped like octagonal mushrooms. Such trunnions interact well with both standard and anti-burglar hooks. The use of anti-burglary hooks increases the burglary resistance class of the window.

ActivPilot fittings have fewer elements, but each element has several functions. Thanks to the reduced number of elements, the fittings are easier and faster to install on the window. Such fittings are suitable for both plastic, wooden and aluminum window structures. The maximum permissible weight of a window sash is 100…130 kg, depending on its size.

Along with high functionality, ActivPilot fittings have an impeccable appearance.

Winkhaus ProPilot

High-quality and reliable window fittings, which is confirmed by the certificate of the Ift Rosenheim Institute (QM 328).

The advantages of ProPilot fittings include: silent and smooth operation, anti-burglary hook and angle with anti-burglary pin as standard, micro-lift, slot ventilation, additional features (balcony latch, child locks, handle with lock, sash opening limiter, etc.) , the ability to choose the color of the hinge covers. The maximum permissible weight of a window sash is 70…100 kg, depending on its size.

Which brand of products is better to choose?

It’s difficult to say which company to choose, Roto or Mako, for the opening/closing mechanisms of window unit sashes. The products of both manufacturers are famous for their good quality and durability. But Mako parts have an undeniable advantage - maintainability. The mechanisms of this manufacturer work more smoothly, according to user reviews. Therefore, many people prefer installing Mako mechanisms. The products of this brand are the best.

We must remember that there are many scammers and unscrupulous sellers on the market who sell counterfeit products. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the labeling, look at the brand name, ask to see a quality certificate, and inspect the product for defects. It is recommended to make purchases in specialized stores. Mechanisms and parts purchased for a double-glazed window must be fully compatible with it.

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